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Love from my clients :)


"Lisa did an outdoor shoot with my 3 kids (ages 6m, 3 and 5). She did a great job just letting them do what they wanted to do. What I was most impressed with was her work on the photos after the shoot. Her coloring was amazing, the shading and brightening made the them look like they came out of a magazine. I am very pleased with Lisa and her work. I recommend her and I have given her name to friends and family that have asked about her after seeing the kids photos.”
-Shaunna, MOTHER

"The pictures that Lisa has taken of me and my child, separately and together are the pictures that I have been the most complimented on. . . period. The first time she shot me was at Venice Beach, and I knew then that I wanted her to shoot really important pictures for my commercial portfolio. She has the ability to capture moments and people with such clarity, precision and thoughtfulness. The ones that she took of my son, Nelson, I will forever treasure and was impressed with her patience and delight in capturing him. The commercial portraits she took of me have been the ones I use time and time again to book jobs and entice clients. In addition, for sticklers about photographers not messing up the original, her photo editing is marvelous, not a thing out of place. She truly makes you look like the absolute best version of you! Lisa Sandler Photography rocks!"

“I loved the photos Lisa Sandler shot for my family. I would highly recommend her without reservation. Lisa was extremely capable, creative, patient and quick – which were most appreciated traits when trying to get our 3 year old to sit still. Plus, she had a great sense of humor and a fabulous eye. And the result – photos I will cherish for a lifetime! Thanks, Lisa for a job well done.”
-Margot Black, MOTHER

"Lisa took photographs of my children and also converted our favorite photos into a holiday card. The photos were beautiful and the cards for 2 years in a row have been our favorites. She has a great way with children - making them very comfortable and capturing their true spirit. I highly recommend her - great to work with and terrific results!"

"I just wanted to thank you again for the AMAZING pictures you took of my daughter! I got so many compliments on them! Your work is truly beautiful! I will definitely keep you in mind for another photo shoot. Keep up the great work!"
-Jackie Franco, MOTHER

"★★★★★" Lisa Sandler takes AMAZING PICTURES!!! She is great with kids, patient and so very nice :)
-Serafina, MOTHER


"Lisa Sandler is an amazing photographer who truly knows how to capture a moment. I've gone to her for engagement photos, headshots, and most recently, my wedding. Lisa is someone I plan on going back to time and time again.”

"I had such a wonderful experience with Lisa. She's very kind, relaxed, fun to be around and has a great eye for photography. The photo shoot went smooth and I'm so happy about the resulting pictures! Thank you so much again Lisa!"
-Jenn, BRIDE

“Great job with the headshot and couples pictures you snapped with Me & Tam! They came out great and I appreciated how fast you delivered them. I’m getting a lot of new auditions and opportunities from them. I appreciate your vision and professionalism. Look forward to shooting with you again!”
-Duane Avery, ACTOR

Lisa Sandler is a wonderful photographer to work with! My boyfriend and I had a great time at the shoot. She was very professional and fun to work with! As a result, our photos came out amazing!"
-Cambria and Travis, COUPLE


"You have to love what you do and that's what I see when I shoot with Lisa. She is brilliant with an extremely creative vision and will do anything to capture 'the shot' you want. Her work ethic is phenomenal… yet she has fun with her Models and well… you see it cuz her photos will literally speak to you.”

“I have been thrilled to work with Lisa Sandler on several projects this year; what a delight! As an entertainer it's important to me to have vivid and engaging shots for promotional materials. Lisa has a rare ability to team core skills with timing – SO crucial for getting that one great expression in a show that will really draw people in. What really makes her the best though is how she has that talent and then consistently delivers the extra mile as a professional. I love that when I work with Lisa I know I'll be seeing clean prints in a super fast turnaround time. Unlike some other photographers I have used in the past she has made her distribution system efficient and easy to use so I can focus more time on performing and less time on chasing down prints.“
-Regina Valle, ENTERTAINER

"Lisa Sandler has a crisp sense of style and a sharp eye. She conjures hip, sexy and cool shots effortlessly. What’s more, she is relaxed, fun and easy to work with. As remarkable as she is with a lens, Lisa delivers more than just great head-shots. From the photo-shoot to the design and layout, Lisa conceived and created all the artwork on our first CD; it turned out great. She is remarkable!”
-Bradley Colten, GUITARIST ARC DUO

"It's always so difficult to get good shots of a live dance performance, but Lisa always catches me at just the right moment and makes me look like a goddess. I adore all the photos she's taken of me and the other Dollface Dames.”

“Lisa’s talent as a photographer created a warm, fun, and spontaneous shoot. I had a wonderful time playing with her creative ideas, not to mention the photos came out fantastic! It's great to work with a photographer who is willing to let go and have a good time while maintaining professionalism.”
-Cinthia Leon, ACTRESS

"Working with Lisa was a blessing. She knows how to make you look amazing and her finished product is above and beyond your expectations. She helped me build my portfolio and I have booked jobs with the photos she took. Lisa is a truly talented photographer. I would work with her ANY DAY!"
-Andrew Smith-Mebust, ACTOR/MODEL

"Lisa shot one of our live shows recently and I was extremely pleased with the results. Sometimes, it's hard to shoot live shows because of the stage lighting, backgrounds, etc. But that's not a problem for Lisa. The resulting photos were amazing and she was able to catch the magic of each performance! Whether the act is dramatic or comedic, she captures the emotion of the moment through excellent exposure and clarity."
-Jasminka Sage, ENTERTAINER

"Lisa Sandler's photography really captures the essence of the moment... her photos make you feel as though you are truly experiencing that particular moment in time."
-Jennifer Popagain, ACTRESS/MODEL

"My experience shooting with Lisa was very pleasant! She was so easy to work with, providing excellent direction while also keeping the atmosphere light hearted, Thank you Lisa!"
-Maddison, MODEL