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Happy Clients


Venice Beach Couples Photographer -  Grafitti Moment

"Great job with the headshot and couples pictures you snapped with Me & Tam! They came out great and I appreciated how fast you delivered them. I’m getting a lot of new auditions and opportunities from them. I appreciate your vision and professionalism. Look forward to shooting with you again!"


Los Angeles Studio Headshot Photographer -  Female Actress Portrait

"Lisa has the ability to capture moments and people with such clarity, precision and thoughtfulness. The commercial portraits she took of me have been the ones I use time and time again to book jobs and entice clients. In addition, for sticklers about photographers not messing up the original, her photo editing is marvelous, not a thing out of place. She truly makes you look like the absolute best version of you! Lisa Sandler Photography rocks!"


Los Angeles Headshot Photographer -  Female Dancer Portrait

"Lisa’s talent as a photographer created a warm, fun, and spontaneous shoot. I had a wonderful time playing with her creative ideas, not to mention the photos came out fantastic! It's great to work with a photographer who is willing to let go and have a good time while maintaining professionalism."


Los Angeles Band Photographer -  Live Show Pocketwatch

"Thanks so much for the excellent photos you took of me and of my group, for your talent and professionalism. I've gotten lots of compliments about the photos you took, with a few compliments actually directed at how good I look!"


Palos Verdes Wedding Photographer -  Black and White Portrait of the Bride and Groom

"We love the pictures, thank you! You included virtually everything! Even those little details I never could have imagined would be included, so I really am thankful for your work and trust your judgment and style. I also recommended a coworker or two or three to you for your services. They loved your work and I told them you were very professional and helpful throughout the entire process."


Los Angeles Wedding Photographer -  Groomsmen on the Golf Course

"Lisa Sandler is an amazing photographer who truly knows how to capture a moment. I've gone to her for engagement photos, headshots, and most recently, my wedding. Lisa is someone I plan on going back to time and time again."


Los Angeles Family Photographer -  Brother and Sister on Gym

"Lisa took photographs of my children and also converted our favorite photos into a holiday card. The photos were beautiful and the cards for 2 years in a row have been our favorites. She has a great way with children — making them very comfortable and capturing their true spirit. I highly recommend her — great to work with and terrific results!"


Los Angeles Couples Photographer -  Married sitting in the Park

"My wife is gushing about all the great shots and making the 'command decisions' as to who gets which shot for a holiday gift. Totally fun experience with you. Your photo shoot was so much fun. You’ve kept the entire project on schedule. Thanks so much for being so professional at what you do. We have your contact data and will be putting your skills to work at future dates."


Los Angeles Band Photographer -  Portrait for cd Cover

"Lisa Sandler has a crisp sense of style and a sharp eye. She conjures hip, sexy and cool shots effortlessly. What’s more, she is relaxed, fun and easy to work with. As remarkable as she is with a lens, Lisa delivers more than just great head-shots. From the photo-shoot to the design and layout, Lisa conceived and created all the artwork on our first CD; it turned out great. She is remarkable!"


Los Angeles Band Photographer -  Live Show Pianist

"Lisa is an excellent photographer. She’s professional, friendly, and attentive to the customer’s needs. I had the pleasure of working with her a few times when she has taken photos of my band, Pearl Street Sound. She has a great eye for composition and I highly recommend her. I look forward to working with her more!"

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