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See final photos from portrait sessions, as well as educational posts on photography, photo-retouching and photo-editing.


Los Angeles Headshot Photographer - Female Skin Care Rep Portrait Pretty in Navy

Outdoor Headshot - Female

This woman sells skincare products. It was her first photo session. I think she did a great job...

Converting to Black and White - before and after

Converting Color Photos to Black and White

You could click one button to convert a color image to black and white, but it will look like "mud." Yes, that is the official photography term for it :)

Manhattan Beach Family Photographer - Four with Dog under pier lying down

Sunset at Manhattan Beach with a Family of 4 and a Dog

This family of four (and the dog!) lives in the valley but wanted a beach location, having recently moved from overseas...

Consumer vs Professional Photography

Consumer vs Professional Prints

Think all printers are alike? Think again. Pixels/resolution, paper style, material (paper, canvas, metal, etc), color/contrast and sharpness MATTER!!!

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