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Not every photo is perfect. I have 15 years of Photoshop and photo-retouching. I can borrow eyes or a face from one photo and replace it on another photo. I can add a sky where there was none. I can modify backgrounds and merge images. I do facial retouching and body shaping.

Call 323-538-5573 or email for pricing on your images.

Before After
Photography Retouching Regular before Photography Retouching Regular after

Standard Retouching

Standard retouching is done at the photographer's discretion. This may include: cleaning up pimples, whitening teeth, smoothing skin, scratches + bruises, reducing shadows under eyes, sun spots, splotchy faces, color correction/contrast and light background editing.

Before After
Photography Retouching Head Swap before Photography Retouching Head Swap after

Special Retouching

Additional retouching is available for a fee. This may include: eye, head or body swapping; changing color of clothing; editing logos from clothing; adding skies/sunrises/sunsets; changing backgrounds or combining images.

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